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New Zealand As A Captive Insurance Domicile

New Zealand has recently enacted new insurance legislation.

There are 9 captive companies already domiciled in NZ, all subsidiary companies to NZ owned corporations.

What is a Captive Insurance Company?

It’s a way of self-insuring instead of paying an insurer to manage your risk. All sorts of  large companies use captive insurance arrangements – they save money, administration and time.

For more information, contact the NZCIA.

Why New Zealand?

NZ is not just a beautiful country! We have a regulated environment for captive insurance companies, an established and well operated insurance industry and a number of  international insurance broking firms who can assist you to set up your captive.

Facts about New Zealand

Area: 269,000 sq kilometres
Population: 4.47 million
Capital City: Wellington
People: 74% European, 15% Maori and Polynesian
Languages: English and Maori
GDP: $165 billion
Inflation: 3.5%
Geographical 1,600 km south east of Australia
Workforce: Highly educated
Infrastructure: Developed
Tax Treaties : Yes ( 26 countries)

Latest news

Willis Towers Watson

We recently met with the Reserve Bank to discuss the upcoming review of the Insurance Prudential Supervision Act.